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Improve Your Race Weekend by Getting Organised, Take Control and Plan to Get the Very Best From Your Weekend and Your Performance

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Get Organised and Take Control of Your Race Weekend !

One of the best ways to get a real feeling of control is to be organised. To have a plan.

Too many drivers and riders go into their weekend not knowing the schedule, when the safety briefings are, when they'll eat, what free time they have, what time their media commitments are.

They also don't go into their race weekend with a plan ...other than "we'll see how it goes".

To give yourself some skills to focus on to have a goal that moves your skills forward so that you get to take whatever you learn and improve into your next race weekend.

Every extra thing you can do that your competitor doesn't gives you the edge, so download the race weekend planner and watch the user guide on how to get the very best from the planner and yourself on your net race weekend.

  • Get Organised
  • Know What's Happening & When
  • Set a Skill to Focus On
  • Set Aside "Time for You" on Your Weekend
  • Develop Skills Throughout Your Season

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Download Your FREE Race Weekend Planner

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